A young janitor working at an insane asylum is saved from suicide when one of the residents welcomes him to the secret game of Cryptofauna. The bizarre competition of worldwide influence might give the blue custodian a reason to live, if he can survive the deadly trials that await. 

American Gods meets The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Nihilism! Death! Laughs!

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Well written and edited, this a very readable fast-paced adventure packed with fantastic and ridiculous invention.
— Catherine G. (Ingenious Cat)
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If dark humor and a touch of absurdity is your thing, check out Cryptofauna.
— Christopher S. (Inside the Inkwell)
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Character Artwork by @katiecrimespree

“Every so often, you come across a book that leaves you wondering if you should be looking into psychedelic drugs [...] one of the strangest, most intriguing things I’ve ever read.
— Hilary (Songs Wrote My Story)
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This fantasy novel creates an acid dream of lovable characters, tense twists, and a storyworld unlike any I’ve experienced.
— Nico B. (Goodreads)
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